What is YouLikeHits?
YouLikeHits is the #1 tool to grow your social networking presence. YouLikeHits was created on May 24, 2011 and since that has grown into the biggest site of it's kind. With YouLikeHits you'll be able to promote your social profiles to REAL twitter users, REAL youtube subscribers and REAL website visitors. You also get to pick and choose who exactly you'd like to interact with. We don't force you to follow, like, view or interact with anyone or anything.

How do Points work?
You will get Points from other users when you follow, like, view or visit their content. You will then in turn set a "Payout" value for your content which will be given to users when they follow, like, view or visit your content. Users will get 1 less Point than your set Payout. For example, if you set your Payout to 10 Points they will get 9 Points for Following your account.

Does YouLikeHits Auto-Post Status Updates without my permission?
No, we never auto-post anything from your accounts on any site or service.

Do you sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits?
No, we don't sell Followers, Likes, Friends, Subscribers or Hits.

I referred someone but it still says "Pending". What do I do now?
When you refer someone to YouLikeHits you will get a message in your History page saying that it's "Pending". Once the referred user becomes an active part of YouLikeHits and starts using their account frequently the message in your History page will become "Approved" and you will get your Points.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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